Happy Nursing Assistant’s Day!

I couldn’t let today go by without wishing a Happy Nursing Assistant’s Day to all our extraordinary United Nursing Services Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA). Our CNA’s are an essential part of our team. They are patient, kind, compassionate, and caring. They always strive to bring comfort and a smile to the faces of our clients. They work independently and in a team with our nurses and other healthcare professionals. They have such a positive impact on the lives of our patients and their families!

A CNA can mean the difference between home care and institutional or nursing home care. They are a great option to allow your loved one to continue to live in their own homes for as long as possible. They can be part-time to give a family member that is the primary caregiver a much-needed break, or they can be scheduled full-time or even around the clock to provide care. Certified Nursing Assistants can provide many services that improve the patient’s quality of life. Such as:

  • Personal Hygiene Assistance – to keep the patient comfortable and happy, CNA’s often assist with personal hygiene routines such as bathing, brushing of teeth, dressing, and even hair brushing! This can also include incontinence care and assist with using the toilet, the use of adult diapers, and prompt clean-ups if there is an accident. All caring services can make your loved one not only comfortable but can also be a big mood booster!
  • Mobility Assistance – Doe your loved one have balance issues, use a walker or a wheelchair? A CNA can assist with ambulation to help the patient to get around. This can be as simple as lending support to someone with balance issues. If a walker is needed, a nursing assistant ensures it is stable and within reach. In addition to basic ambulation assistance and techniques, CNA’s are strong enough to transfer a patient from a bed or chair to a wheelchair when necessary. Such assistance means greater freedom to move about and enjoy staying in one’s home.
  • Administering Medication and Monitoring Health – One of the critical services a nursing assistant can provide is the proper administering of medication. As our loved one’s age or illness progresses, taking medication in a timely manner or even remembering to take it can be challenging. A nursing assistant is a layer of protection to ensure the medications are used properly and taken as intended. In addition, he or she can monitor the patient’s health status regularly and promptly report any sudden changes to the family and other healthcare professionals.
  • Companionship and Light Housekeeping – Often, a CNA becomes a trusted “friend” by listening, talking to, and caring for the patient. Light housekeeping such as laundry, vacuuming dishes, and meal prep are all services that can be provided. Companionship and clean surroundings are essential to happiness!

If you or a loved one needs these services, our UNS Certified Nursing Assistants can help. If you are trying to decide whether home care or institutional care is needed, let us help. Simply give us a call at 561-478-8788 to discuss your options. Oh, and did you know that even if the choice is a nursing home or assisted living facility, hiring a nursing assistant from outside the facility can also provide extra care and monitoring that brings comfort to the family?

I hope that all of our nursing assistants in the UNS family take time today to do something special for themselves. You deserve it because you are all essential and fantastic and do work that really matters! Happy Nursing Assistant’s Day!

To everyone else, be sure to show your appreciation for a Nursing Assistant today!

Lisa Hersch