I am writing to commend you on your health service and the quality of the individuals you have selected to represent you. I had three of your staff in my home for six weeks and was extremely please with all aspects of our relationship.

Janice, Naples, FL

We are so appreciative of the countless ways that you helped Gramps be able to enjoy the last stage of his life. You shared so much of your laughter, energy, caring, patience, and kindness with him, and he was better and happier as a result. Our entire family is thankful that you were a positive force for him.

Noah, Naples, FL

I would like to let you know of the excellent support we have received from our Medicare nurse. During my husband’s first week at home, she was so helpful in what was a devastating time for us–always available to answer questions, reassuring and providing that professional trust and service that we could lean on. She certainly has been an important part of his positive progress. Thank you, too for your continued, careful supervision of Jim’s case-calling about storm preparations, monitoring his physical therapy, and generally on top of everything.

Clare, Palm Beach, FL

I want to thank you (and UNS). Grace was most helpful—and efficient and very kind to me. The company is fortunate to have a person of her caliber.

Marilyn, Palm Beach, FL

Lana has been caring for a mutual client and has shown the utmost respect and consideration for his overall well being. She interacts well with the staff and takes a team approach to caring for her client. Lana has made some critical decisions when an unexpected event occurred which assisted the client in remaining at home, happy and healthy. She is truly an asset to this company and her clients.

Judy, RN, West Palm Beach, FL

Your agency has provided wound care and physical therapy services for my father James five times. Unfortunately he has diabetes and parchment skin so even the slightest bruise simply tears his skin. Your most recent RN assigned to the case was dependable, professional, knowledgeable and supportive would be a gross understatement. She was absolutely wonderful. Her cheerful. reassuring manner was “contagious” to my father and the rest of the family as well. My father eagerly awaited each of her visits. She has incredible people skills.

James, Wellington, FL

Just a little note to tell you, I am pleased with Yolanda and find her pleasant, efficient and cooperative.

Samuel, Palm Beach, FL

Yvette was an absolute angel when she helped me care for my partner, Mike during the last week of his life. She was gental, soft-spoken, attentive, skillful and always 100% professional. Mike was dignified and comfortable as I had prayed for.

Laurie, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

I’ve been dealing with the public my entire life, and have never come in contact with the type of people you employ. Either you are very lucky, or you and your husband know the right way to run a business. What you say you’ll deliver, you actually deliver. I am extremely critical, and when I say “Job well done”, you can be sure it is not said lightly.

Greta, Boca Raton, FL

To Whom It May Concern,

Mrs. Esme M. (Chrissy) cared for Audrey (my step mother) (92) in November and December 2015. Chrissy has a unique gift in understanding human nature at the most critical moments in one’s life.

Despite Audrey’s incapacitation and total dependence, Chrissy made her feel independent in her last days. In the most compassionate, loving way, Chrissy innately understood Audrey’s love of her flowers, dishes, clothes, vases and other objects that created so many memories in her life. With unending patience, each dish was cherished and discussed before choosing the right one for the next meal. And then with a chefs expertise, Chrissy would deliver small bites of various foods to encourage Audrey’s appetite. If ever, more is less, it is when you could see this perfect tray with a flower surrounded by small delicate dishes with just two pieces of banana, a few bites of meat and another plate of veggies and a touch of dessert and/or fruit.

Chrissy was ever vigilant of Audrey’s needs both physical and emotional. During her last weeks, Audrey was extremely agitated. Chrissy assisted Audrey but also me in trying to bring calm to the various situations. She had a unique way of “flowing with the current crisis of the moment” and yet set some boundaries to encourage Audrey emotionally back to a safe space in her mind. Her gentleness, her sincere love and her skilled experience have no price. She is quite an extraordinary person.

Chrissy’s commitment was timeless. She never took a day off during this period. Audrey trusted and relied on her totally. There were many nights, Chrissy got up to assist the Hospice person and/or caregiver. On every occasion, her presence brought calm to the situation so Audrey would feel safe again.

And then, Chrissy was also my greatest supporter and friend. She had an innate understanding of how I was feeling during these chaotic last few months. She always listened to me in an un-judging way, supported me and shared her wisdom quietly. I will always be grateful to her. I have not met another more compassionate, loving, kind, gentle person in this world.

If by chance, Chrissy comes to assist a relative of yours in their time of need, feel honored. She is truly an exceptional person with many special gifts.

J. O'Meara

Dear Tammy, Amy, Jennifer and Shirley,

I would like to thank you for all your support over the past 5 months. You provided great assistance as we tried to assist Audrey from hospital to rehabilitation, home and back again. You showed compassion and understanding of the situation. Your philosophy of what I will call “no harm, no foul” in case the personalities did not match made life much easier.

I have attached two letters of recommendation for Chrissy M. and Guerda G.s file. I asked their permission before forwarding these to you. I would also like to acknowledge S. Augusta who really “got Audrey” and the situation immediately. Her ability to step in and take control in a compassionate, loving, professional way will always be remembered by me. We really needed someone with her special expertise at that moment in time. I am also grateful for your team knowing we needed a very experienced person to help us through a very challenging time.

I will always be grateful to Nikeisha M.. She was unique in her ability to develop a close friendship with Audrey early on in her illness. She challenged Audrey when it was appropriate and encouraged her along always with a smile and great laugh. Whether we were in the ICU, rehabilitation or home, Nikeisha was resourceful in making things work to Audrey’s advantage. She did not hesitate to take the initiative to “get soup” if Audrey was not eating. She also assisted in bringing Audrey’s concerns to the medical staff when Audrey was not capable of expressing it. While she studied during down times, Nikeisha dropped the book in an instant if Audrey needed anything. She was extremely attentive and responsible. I wish her well in her future. She also was one of the few people that kept good medical logs of what was happening (blood pressure, weight etc.), discussion with MDs as I was not always there. Eventually, I had a notebook so we had a record from person to person.

Marina B. was the perfect person early on in Audrey’s recovery from the first “procedure”. Marina challenged Audrey to get outside and get fresh air. She would encourage her to walk and get out of bed. She had a very good sense of Audrey’s capabilities in asking just enough! There was no other personal assistant that provided Audrey better personal care. From cutting her hair to giving her the best bed or shower spa treatment. She was committed to making Audrey feel beautiful every day. When you are sick, this makes all the difference in the world. Marina came ready to work with a lot of energy. She always put forth 100% effort. And she showed personal concern for Audrey and her well¬being.

Thank you for all your support. I will recommend United Nursing Services to others.

J. O'Meara

Guerda G. cared for Audrey (my step mother, age 92) for over five months. There were periods of time in the rehabilitation center and other periods of time at home between hospital “procedures” for her heart. Guerda would arrive from 7pm to 7am steadily from Sunday thru Thursday wherever we were located. She was always ready to take charge of the night. There was not one night that she was late. She “covered” for many of her co-workers who had difficulty showing up on time in the morning without comment-a total professional.

Guerda would arrive with unmatched enthusiasm and encouragement. She came to “work” ¬not to sit or study. It might have started with a wheelchair ride to see the ducks or just get outside by the pond for some fresh air. It was always followed by a nice wash up period and skin care (lot of lotion) with massaging gentleness. We could all wish “our skin” was as soft as Audrey’s! Audrey said, Guerda never said “no” to anything. When she needed her back rubbed so she could fall asleep, Guerda was there. When she needed to talk, Guerda was listening. If she had to go to the bathroom,10x at night, Guerda enthusiastically assisted as though it was the first time. Audrey told me on several occasions that Guerda was so wonderful because she met her every need with love and warmth. She never made her feel that it was an imposition. This is dedication to a client!

When Audrey came home for her last weeks, Guerda was there to provide her emotional support during a time when Audrey was extremely agitated. Guerda had an innate sense through many years of experience on how to handle each and every situation. Because of her expertise, Audrey would calm down and be at peace. Audrey trusted Guerda completely.

Guerda always showed tremendous respect for Audrey. Despite many long hours in the night, if the TV light bothered Audrey, it was turned off. On some occasions, Guerda would have to listen to the same piano music over and over, it did not matter! I never remember Guerda being on the phone during her work hours (like many others). Guerda was always totally there for Audrey.

In my mind, it takes a great deal of discipline and maturity to be so dedicated when it is the middle of the night. I never walked in when Guerda was not totally attentive to Audrey whether it was 11pm or 3am. She had her eyes focused on every move Audrey made. She was unique among the many people that crossed Audrey’s path over the last six months of her life.

I will always be grateful to Guerda (as Audrey was). She is very experienced, compassionate, kind and gentle. In the end though, you can trust that when you leave her alone with your loved one in the middle of the night, night after night, Guerda will be totally committed. She will become your best friend in caring for your loved one.

J. O'Meara

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