United Nursing Services Hurricane Program – Because You Can Never Be Too Prepared

Hurricanes are an unfortunate reality of living in Florida. They can be scary for most people, but are particularly frightening for those with physical, cognitive or mental disabilities who may be unable to seek help on their own or don’t have family close by to assist them during an emergency.

United Nursing Services (UNS) is proud to offer a Hurricane Program to reassure clients help is readily available during a natural disaster. Knowing you will have immediate assistance for evacuation and shelter during a hurricane gives both you and your family peace of mind.

How To Register for the UNS Hurricane Program:

Contact UNS at www.unitednursingservices.com or call us at  1-800-334-5140 today to register for our Hurricane Program. Upon registration, we will arrange an assessment to evaluate what your emergency and supportive requirements may be during a hurricane or emergency situation.

Comprehensive Assessment:

Our thorough assessment involves a complete review of your medical history, physical abilities, psychological status, and social circumstances. By the end of the assessment, we will have an emergency and supportive plan in place for your safety and comfort during a hurricane.

• Complete History and Physical – Performed by a Registered Nurse Supervisor.

• Medication – A full medication profile will be created.

• Emergency Plan – Together, we will devise an emergency plan for you including physician information, medical equipment companies you may deal with, your emergency contacts, evacuation plan and transportation needs.

• Emergency Needs – We will identify and discuss your medical, physical, psychological and geographical needs.

• Hurricane Supply List – We will provide you with a list of recommended supplies to have on hand in case of emergency, including extra medication and oxygen.

Pre-Hurricane Services:

• When a hurricane warning is issued, you will be contacted by our staff in a timely manner to advise you of alternate hotel/lodging information, to coordinate transportation to your destination, and to confirm what personal care services are needed.

• Additional service fees will be applicable for hotel, transportation/mileage, hourly aide care, and skilled nursing care (must be arranged in advance).

Post-Hurricane Services:

• When a hurricane warning has been lifted or when telephone services have resumed, UNS will contact Florida Power and Light (FPL) and Emergency Management Services to determine if residents can be safely returned to their homes.

• Prior to UNS returning you to your home, we will ensure your residence has working telephone lines, electricity, and roadways are clear to secure a safe return. You will then be escorted back to your home with assistive services or informed you can return home if you are able return independently.

You can never be too prepared. Set your mind at ease knowing that United Nursing Services will help keep you safe and comfortable during a hurricane or natural disaster. Call us today at 1-800-334-5140 for pricing and more information about our worry-free Hurricane Program.

For more information on home care palliative care services, contact UNS today at 1-800-334-5140 or email [email protected].

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