A Passion Born from Personal Tragedy, Lisa Hersch of United Nursing Services

International Women’s Day recognizes and celebrates women’s remarkable achievements. This year, the theme of inclusion highlights the strides made toward gender equality and underscores the importance of creating spaces where women-led businesses can thrive. Lisa Hersch, the co-owner and Director of Nursing Services, embodies the spirit of International Women’s Day by showcasing her passion born from personal loss and her unwavering dedication to the healthcare industry.

Lisa Hersch’s journey in the healthcare industry is a testament to her resilience, compassion, and unwavering commitment to excellence. Her career took a pivotal turn in 1990; Lisa assumed the Director of Nursing Services role at what was then known as Nursefinders, which has since been rebranded to United Nursing Services. Her personal experiences, particularly witnessing sister Jill’s battle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and the inadequate care she received, profoundly influenced Lisa’s approach to healthcare. Determined to enhance the quality of home healthcare services after her sister’s passing in 1996, Lisa made it her life’s mission and profoundly shaped her approach to healthcare.

Under Lisa’s guidance, United Nursing Services has established a reputation for excellence and dependability in home healthcare. Her leadership was instrumental in the company’s transition to becoming Medicare-certified and federally regulated, expanding its services to cover several counties in Florida. Lisa’s core belief revolves around meeting and exceeding the highest care standards, a vision that has earned her respect and recognition within the healthcare community and beyond.

United Nursing Services provides a range of services tailored to cater to the needs of its clients. From skilled nursing to rehabilitation services, UNS is committed to delivering comprehensive, personalized care within patients’ homes, extended care facilities, and even during hospital stays. The agency’s commitment to quality is evident in its hiring process, ensuring that each caregiver meets Lisa and her team’s high standards. Lisa’s hands-on approach and focus on customer service distinguish United Nursing Services from others. She ensures that the services delivered meet and surpass client expectations, a pledge deeply rooted in the company’s principles.

On this International Women’s Day, it is essential to recognize women like Lisa Hersch, who lead with empathy, integrity, and the drive to improve their fields constantly. United Nursing Services, with its 5-star Google rating, is widely recognized for excellence in home healthcare; Lisa’s inspiring journey is a testament to the positive influence individuals can have in transforming an industry and touching the lives of individuals through compassion and an unwavering commitment to quality care.

Today, where promoting exclusivity and equality is crucial, Lisa Hersch’s achievements at United Nursing Services embody the core principles of this year’s International Women’s Day theme. Her story highlights the strength, commitment, and leadership women contribute to the business landscape, impacting those they serve.