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UNS - United Nursing Services

1897 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd., #213
West Palm Beach, FL 33409
Phone: (561) 478-8788
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Home Health Care Client Testimonials

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I am writing to commend you on your health service and the quality of the individuals you have selected to represent you. I had three of your staff in my home for six weeks and was extremely please with all aspects of our relationship.



Naples, FL

We are so appreciative of the countless ways that you helped Gramps be able to enjoy the last stage of his life. You shared so much of your laughter, energy, caring, patience, and kindness with him, and he was better and happier as a result. Our entire family is thankful that you were a positive force for him.



Naples, FL


I would like to let you know of the excellent support we have received from our Medicare nurse. During my husband’s first week at home, she was so helpful in what was a devastating time for us–always available to answer questions, reassuring and providing that professional trust and service that we could lean on. She certainly has been an important part of his positive progress. Thank you, too for your continued, careful supervision of Jim’s case-calling about storm preparations, monitoring his physical therapy, and generally on top of everything.



Palm Beach, FL

I want to thank you (and UNS). Grace was most helpful—and efficient and very kind to me. The company is fortunate to have a person of her caliber.



Palm Beach, Florida

Lana has been caring for a mutual client and has shown the utmost respect and consideration for his overall well being. She interacts well with the staff and takes a team approach to caring for her client. Lana has made some critical decisions when an unexpected event occurred which assisted the client in remaining at home, happy and healthy. She is truly an asset to this company and her clients


Judy, RN

West Palm Beach

Your agency has provided wound care and physical therapy services for my father James five times. Unfortunately he has diabetes and parchment skin so even the slightest bruise simply tears his skin. Your most recent RN assigned to the case was dependable, professional, knowledgeable and supportive would be a gross understatement. She was absolutely wonderful. Her cheerful. reassuring manner was “contagious” to my father and the rest of the family as well. My father eagerly awaited each of her visits. She has incredible people skills.



Wellington, Florida

Just a little note to tell you, I am pleased with Yolanda and find her pleasant, efficient and cooperative.



Palm Beach, Florida

Yvette was an absolute angel when she helped me care for my partner, Mike during the last week of his life. She was gental, soft-spoken, attentive, skillful and always 100% professional. Mike was dignified and comfortable as I had prayed for.



Palm Beach Gardens, FL

I’ve been dealing with the public my entire life, and have never come in contact with the type of people you employ. Either you are very lucky, or you and your husband know the right way to run a business. What you say you’ll deliver, you actually deliver. I am extremely critical, and when I say “Job well done”, you can be sure it is not said lightly.



Boca Raton, Florida

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